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Travelling with wingfoiling!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

For my fellow windsurfers that are taking on wingfoiling, yes traveling is going to get easier! Still not as easy as kiting of course but we would never resort ourselves to that kind of embarrassment.

Some things to keep in mind in the early years of the sport is that when travelling by plane you will not find ‘wingfoiling’ as a choice under sport equipment. It simply doesn’t exist yet. So, our suggestion? Just claim it is whatever is listed as cheaper in the airline’s choices. Another problem that we faced, was that we couldn't actually find any good bags specifically for wingfoiling. At least not if you are planning on taking, for example, 2 boards a few wings and a couple of sets of foils. Hopefully, this will change in the near future but for now we just resorted to using a windsurf bag and folding the ends up! You know what they say, if it looks stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid! Also annoying, and partly related to the no specific wingfoil bag problem, is the fact that when you break down a foil it consists of many little pieces that are hard to pack securely in your sports luggage. Last thing you want is a foil wing or a fuselage flying around in there causing all sorts of damage.

However, besides these little inconveniences, that will hopefully be solved as the sport gains even more popularity, travelling is not bad. The length of most wingfoil boards allows to easily fit in to the sports luggage dimensions and you can fit into most weight allowances as well, most times with a full setup and more!

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