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Learn wingfoiling with the best!
Our lessons are specifically designed to make your introduction to wingfoiling as fun and as smooth as possible. Starting off on the beach, we want to ensure you have a basic understanding of the wind and a chance to practice your wing controls before jumping straight into the water for the ultimate fun! With the supervision of an experienced instructor we aim to get you flying in the shortest time possible!

Discovery group course (2 hours)

120 €

Basic group course (4 hours)

230 €

Full group course (6 hours)

320 €

Private lesson (Per hour)

90 €

Tow-in foiling lesson (½ hour)

70 €

wingfoil practice on the beach
private wingfoil lesson at reckless riders rhodes
group lesson at reckless riders rhodes, greece, europe


If you know the basics of wingfoiling or you are an advanced rider and are just looking for some fun on the water, we got you covered!
We offer the best equipment with a wide range of choices, for all levels and styles of riding. All the set ups have been tried and tested and ensure the absolute best performance on the water!

And if you want to change or create your own setup to perfectly match your style, our team is always there to advise and help you with anything you need.

1 hour rental (including insurance)

5 hours rental (including insurance)

10 hours rental (including insurance)

1 day rental (including insurance)

3 day rental (including insurance)

7 day rental (including insurance)

14 day rental (including insurance)

21 day rental (including insurance)

50 €

200 €

350 €






*For a more specific amount of time, rental using your own insurance and any other question you might have, don't hesitate to contact us!

Foil options at Reckless Riders Rhodes
Rental customer at Reckless Riders Rhodes, Greece, Europe
Huge choice of wings at Reckless Riders Rhodes, Greece, Europe


If you want to go the extra step during your holidays and bring your own equipment, we can help you out with that as well.
Store your stuff with us and get full use of our facilities as well! This includes:

  • Shade area for your gear

  • Carpeted area for your gear

  • Pumping facilities

  • Rescue service

  • Wi-Fi

Per day storage

1 week storage

2 weeks storage

3 weeks storage

4 weeks storage






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