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Frequently asked Questions about Reckless Riders and Rhodes island.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Is it family friendly and what is there to do?

For all our customers and friends to be, that are considering combining a family holiday with a wingfoil holiday, Rhodes has you covered! As an island, Rhodes has a variety of activities for all ages and interests. Whether you like flat water and sandy beaches. wind and waves, sightseeing, shopping or exploring the real Greek culture, there is something for everyone. In Ixia bay, where Reckless Riders is located you can sunbathe and swim just next to the wingfoil centre or walk around the various restaurants and bars in the area. A 5-10 minute bus ride ( or car) can get you either to the next village for some traditional Greek food and exploring or if you venture the in the opposite direction, you can get to the town of Rhodes for a variety of eating, drinking and nightlife establishments. While in the town some people like to go shopping and some like to explore sights such as the Old Town of Rhodes, all walking distance from the centre.

If we answer this question for Reckless Riders specifically, well we will try to get all of your family, including the little ones, on a wingfoil as we love to teach everyone and especially the young new generation! Of course, this might not be for everyone so we do encourage people to lounge around and feel comfortable using our centres amenities or consider hiring a SUP or Jet-ski to enjoy some of their time at the beach!


Do I need a car in Ixia?

If you plan to only stay around Ixia and hang around with us most of the times, then the answer is NO. You most definitely do not need a car to stay and enjoy Ixia Bay. However, a car can be useful for exploring close by villages in the evening and tasting some authentic Greek cuisine. Don't worry about how much you eat (Greeks eat a lot), you will burn it while wingfoiling the next day! Cars also come in handy for exploring the other side of the island, where there are many beaches known for their beauty and relaxing atmosphere. For our first time customers we usually recommend to not have a car for their whole stay but maybe book one for just 2 or 3 days, to explore the rest of the island. Then you can focus on your wingfoiling the rest of the time.


How does the wind work in Rhodes? What is the pattern during a windy day?

A normal day on Rhodes island looks kind of like this: The wind start around 9 or 10 in the morning. It starts off light, which is perfect for beginners or lighter people, and then it increases throughout the day. Around 13:00 to 15:00 it will reach its peak power, so that is the ideal time for the advance riders to show off their skills. From that point it usually stays pretty much the same until around 19:00 when the wind and the sun start to go down, giving you time to come out, dry off, grab a beer and enjoy the sunset. We like to think of this as a pretty much perfect setup for wind!


Is there something to do when there is no wind? We all know that for windsports riders, hope always dies last when it comes to waiting for wind. Sometimes however, we just have to face the facts and understand that even in Rhodes there can be no wind days! So, what no wind activities can one do at Reckless Riders? Well the classic favourite is taking a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) out for a ride. Exploring Ixia Bay from the water just has a different vibe to it. For our more adrenaline orientated customers we also rent Jet-Skis that will definitely give you that daily rush you are looking for.

Lets not forget tow foiling that is a perfect way to get used to a foil for our beginners that want to make the most of their time with us, and of course its still a fun activity for those that already know how to foil but just cant stay out of the water and off their foil! Of course, no wind days also present a fantastic and rare opportunity to go and explore Rhodes Island and visit its must see sights, without missing out on any wind!


How far is the airport and how do I reach my hotel?

The Rhodes airport (Diagoras airport) is situated approximately 10km from Ixia Bay where Reckless Riders and most likely your hotel is located. That comes out to about a 15 minute drive by car. The easiest way to get from the airport to Ixia is a local Taxi or a transfer if your hotel arranges that. The taxis are right outside the main doors so super easy to find. Taxis from the airport are usually higher priced and in a rough estimate it will cost you 25 - 30 euros without any extra charges they may want to make you pay. We always advise our customers to ask for the price before hand or tell them to use the meter. As for transfers that really just depends on your hotel. If you want the cheaper way and are traveling relatively light, then the local bus drives straight through the airport every half and hour and you can just jump on and pay a 2-3 euros. Just make sure its heading the right way! For those of you planning to rent a car then keep in mind that most car rental agencies will offer an option for pick up and drop off from the airport and they will usually send a person to meet you right outside the main doors.


Do you need a wetsuit?

The fast answer is NO. You do not need a wetsuit in the summer in Rhodes.

The average temperature is

30-35 Celsius during the day and the water, as well as the wind, is warm. So a bikini or boardshorts are more than enough for the main season in Rhodes. You may see some people wearing

2.0mm summer wetsuits but that is mainly for protection from the sun, which is important to keep in mind if you are not from a similar environment! However, if you do come very early in the season a wetsuit might be nice for some people that tend to get cold easily. Its better to be comfortable while riding.

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