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The centre

Reckless Riders wingfoil Centre is the first dedicated wingfoil club on the island of Rhodes.

It is located in Ixia bay which is known for its daily, constant winds. Starting light in the morning and gradually picking up through the day, these thermal winds make Ixia the perfect place for riders of any level!

The Centre itself has been positioned in a part of the bay where the water remains particularly calm, making riding smooth and progressing easy, helping us make your learning experience as pleasant as possible.

For more details on Reckless Riders and Ixia we have made a little YouTube video.

Gear shelves at Reckless Riders Rhodes, Greece
School and spot of Reckless Riders Rhodes, Greece, Europe
Carving a wingfoil at Reckless Riders, Rhodes, Greece, Europe
Always smiles at Reckless Riders Rhodes, Greece, Europe

The owner

The owner, Kyriakos, is a local rider that comes from a family which has worked in watersports for more than 40 years. He grew up on a windsurf centre located in the same bay as Reckless Riders, has practiced and taught windsurfing from a very young age and is an avid windsurfer to this day.

However, after trying wingfoiling, he fell in love with its versatility and style of riding which inspired him to open the Reckless riders wingfoil centre and share this amazing sport with anyone he could!

On his free time and when not riding Kyriakos makes  videos for his YouTube channel to help teach the sports of windsurfing and wingfoiling to those not lucky enough to visit Rhodes island and Reckless Riders.

The Sport

Wing foiling is the new up and coming trend in wind sports! But we feel that its a trend that is here to stay...

This is because the variety it offers when it comes to different conditions is immense and the feeling of absolute freedom of movement you get while riding is unparalleled by its predecessors!

For those already involved in windsurfing and kitesurfing, the sport of wingfoiling can only be described as the best combination of both, that opens up even more opportunities on the water! 

So, at Reckless Riders our goal is to spread the love for this sports and get as many people as possible involved, whether they are already into watersports or complete novices to our world of wind and water. We seek to accomplish this by providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere for people to learn, improve or just get radical in!

wingfoil sunset session in Rhodes, Greece, Europe
Wingding jumping at reckless Riders rhodes, greece, europe
Wingfoiling friends at Reckless Riders Rhodes, Greece, Europe

The Island of Rhodes

Rhodes, is the largest of the Dodecanese islands,  situated in the heart of the Aegean sea. Famous for its strong, constant winds, it has everything necessary to be described as a windsport paradise in Europe! The windy season starts in May and goes all the way through to October, however the windiest months are mid June to mid September, when the trade winds called Meltemi are at their best. On a daily basis the wind starts off light in the morning and gradually increases throughout the day, giving riders an option of different wind strengths to choose from or to enjoy. The water is warm and the conditions range from a little choppy to more pump and jump conditions depending on the wind strength and consistency. All around, everything someone could ask for.

However, we guess you already knew most of that, as you are visiting our site and considering Rhodes as your wingfoil holiday destination this summer. So, let us tell you a few more things about Rhodes that might help solidify your decision.
Rhodes is one of the liveliest islands in Greece, providing a variety of activities to do between or after your daily dose of wingfoiling. In the evening, whether its delicious Greek food your are looking for, a night out at the bar or big parties it is all within short distance of our centre. You may have already seen that we organise plenty of traditional Greek night outings and beach BBQs ourselves to give you a taste of the real Greece.
If you are looking for a day out with friends, family or just to explore the island, a short drive will get you to a number of popular attractions and historic sites as well as beautiful beaches with flat water, sheltered from the wind and perfect for swimming. On the other hand, if a day out in the town of Rhodes and the historic old town is more your style, it will take you just 5 to 10 minutes to get there from Ixia bay, where our centre is located. Enjoy the shopping, the cafes, restaurants and then the medieval castle surrounding the old city, drowned in history.
To keep it short, in Rhodes there is something for everyone and enough to entertain the whole family. So, don't think about it too much and if you want to check out some of our Après-Surf activities click here.

See you soon!

Early morning wingfoil racing in Rhodes island, Greece
Sunset session in Rhodes island, Greece
Island of Rhodes
SUP sessions on the calm days
Greek nights out at a traditiona Greek vilage
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