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Learn how to wingfoil!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Learning wingfoiling is a super fun process. At least it is the way we do it. So, the best way to learn is to come to us!

If you do, however, want to try it out on your own, then controlling the wing will most probably be the most challenging part. Especially in the case that you have no experience with wind sports. So, spend as much time as you need on the beach practicing with that. Don’t rush into the water not having control over the wing, because that will just be a bigger waste of time then you thought siting on dry land practicing would have been.

Next step is seeing if all that practice you did on land actually paid off and if you can combine it with standing on a board in the water. Of course, at this point you can rush and jump straight onto a wingfoil board, but especially for the unexperienced in watersports as well as most people if I am being honest, jumping first on a SUP or some sort of large and stable board and just cruising up and down with the wing will benefit you much more.

Once the controls are, well, under control, then you can go down to a smaller board that has a foil and try to get comfortable on that. As soon as you feel that you are in control of everything, start working on your pumping technique for both the wing and the board and before you know it, you will be flying over the water having the time of your life! Make sure to read our article on the most common mistakes made in wingfoiling to make sure you make this stage as easy as possible!

For more detailed information and visuals check out our YouTube videos! Best start with the first steps you should be taking on your wingfoil journey and then progress to the next videos on our channel:

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