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At the Reckless Riders club the fun doesn't end when the sun goes down and the wind finally stops!
Ixia has some of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see, so why not take a seat and enjoy them on the beach with your fellow riders while sharing stories, tips and tricks from the days session.
After all we are all one big family!


Parties and BBQs

Of course, the surfers life wouldn't be complete without some parties and BBQs to pass the time between sessions.
Frequently, but without a set schedule (like all things should be) we organise BBQs and parties on the centre. Whether you want to go back to your accommodation and get ready or jump straight out of the water and into the action, that is up to you! 


Traditional Greek nights

And obviously, you couldn't claim to have spent time in Greece without having tried the traditional Greek food and without having enjoyed the lifestyle that comes along with it!
For this reason we also frequently arrange nights out to one of the most untainted villages on the island, that is famous even between the locals for its restaurants and festivals. So, get ready to get your Greek on!

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